Special Event

A Special Event Permit is required for bicycle races, block parties, festivals, footraces, parades and picketing to ensure the safety of all participants and that all rules, regulations, and ordinances are followed. A complete application must be submitted at least 90 days prior to the event, unless otherwise noted.

A special event permit is required for the following types of events:

Bicycle Race  A group of three (3) or more bicyclists competing against each other or a time limit over a fixed course; all or a part of which involves the use of city street right-of-way, city sidewalks, and/or greenways. This term shall include untimed non-competitive bicycle events such as memorial rides, etc.

Block Party  A planned gathering of persons in which a public street will be closed that is sponsored by a business, place of worship, non-profit organization or community interest group.

Festival  An outdoor concert, fair, community event, or similar event that is primarily commercial and/or recreational in nature.

Footrace  A group of three (3) or more runners or walkers competing against either each other or a time limit over a fixed course; all or a part of which involves the use of city street right-of-way, city sidewalks, and/or greenways. This term shall include events connected to a footrace, such as untimed non-competitive “fun runs”.

Parade  Any march, demonstration, gathering, public assembly, procession or motorcade consisting of persons, animals, or vehicles or a combination thereof that has the potential to disrupt the normal flow of traffic upon any public street, provided, the term shall not include: a. Funeral Processions, b. Pickets as defined in subsection (5) below and Section 10-1-283 of this Article, c. Footraces and Bicycle Races as defined in Section 10-1-286 of this Article, d. Block Parties as defined in Section 10-1-287 of this Article, e. Festivals as defined in Section 10-1-288 of this Article.

Picketing  A group of 15 persons of more who make a public display or demonstration of sentiment for or against a person or cause, including those demonstrations which may include the distribution of leaflets or handbills, the display of signs and any oral communication or speech, which may involve an effort to persuade or influence, including all expressive and symbolic conduct, whether active or passive, upon those portions of the public street and sidewalks not used primarily for vehicular parking and moving traffic and not constituting a parade.

If you have any questions about special event permitting, contact:
Perry Hall
Emergency Manager
High Point Fire Department
(336) 883-3364


  • A location for the event that is within the City. The event may be held on public property, including but not limited to parks, streets, and/or sidewalks.

Approvals or Permits Issued

  • Issuance of a Special Event Permit by the City of High Point.

Submittal Requirements

Required for Submittal

  1.  Completed application submitted online through Accela Citizen Access (ACA) under the Fire module, and selecting Special Events Permits (registration required) OR submittal of a Special Event Permit Application (PDF)Block Party Permit Application (PDF), or Notice of Intent to Picket (PDF) to the Development Services Center located at City Hall.
  2. Applicable Fees

Required for Some Events

  1. A map of event indicating location of requested street closures, vendors, port-a-johns, stage and entertainment areas, picket travel routes, and any other significant details.
  2. Proof of insurance or applicable rider. This insurance shall include the City of High Point as additional insured with regard to any liability that may arise as a result of the employment of any off-duty High Point police officers. Commercial General Liability- Combined Single Limits of no less than one million dollars ($1,000,000.00) for each occurrence and two million dollars ($2,000,000) for aggregate claims.
  3. Certified crowd manager training is required for any event with more than 1,000 people in attendance with one crowd manager for every 250 people. The CCM training is conducted for free online through the NC Office of State Fire Marshal. Each participant will be granted a certification upon completion.

Permit Requirements

  1. Proof of Insurance (bicycle race, festival, footrace, parade)
  2. ABC permit
  3. Police staffing costs (based on the current per officer rate)
  4. If block party:
    • Encompass no more than one block
    • Have no more than 500 attendees at any one time
    • Property owner signatures of individuals affected by block party closing
  5. If picketing: Submittal of a complete application serves are written intent to picket.
  6. Payment of required permit fees.
  7. Applicant is authorized to obtain the permit.
  8. Upon meeting all permit requirements, the applicant is entitled to a Special Event Permit.

Additional Information

  • Applicants are assigned a Case Manager to act as the point of contact throughout the review process.
  • Event date restrictions are imposed around the Spring and Fall High Point Markets (one week before and after each market) and on any recognized City holiday.
  • Events shall not be announced, advertised or promoted until Special Event Permit Application (PDF) is approved. The submission of a permit application does not constitute automatic approval or guarantee of eligibility.
  • Barricades will be delivered to the address listed in the application on the Thursday before the event and will pick them up on the Monday following the event. The applicant/event sponsor shall be responsible for the appropriate use of these devices and shall also be held financially responsible for their maintenance during the event and for any loss thereof. Damaged or unreturned items will be billed to the applicant/event sponsor accordingly based on a current replacement cost schedule.
  • Fees may be charged to recover the costs associated with City of High Point services, including, but not limited to provision of electrical power, barricades, signs, solid waste management, use of the Parks and Recreation Mobile Stage, security, and materials provided related to the event. Any such fees shall be paid prior to the date of the event.
  • While the city does not anticipate cancelling any permitted events, this could occur due to ongoing national security concerns or the unavailability of city resources. If this action is necessary, applicants will be given notice in a timely manner. New requests may be denied or adjusted for the same reason.


  • All permit fees are due prior to permit issuance
  • See the Development Fee Schedule (PDF) for specific fees
  • Payment types accepted: Cash, Discover, MasterCard, Visa and Check or Money Order payable to the City of High Point
  • Online (ACA) payment types accepted: Cash, Discover, MasterCard, Visa and E-check

City Sponsored Events

  • Hi Fest
  • Uncle Sam Jam
  • Arts Splash
  • Art in the Park
  • Coltrane Festival
  • Furniture Market - Spring and Fall
  • Go Far 5k - Spring
  • Keep High Point Beautiful - four annual clean-up events
  • Greater High Point Torch Run
  • Greensboro Merchants Association Holiday Parade
  • MLK Holiday Parade
  • PSA Soccer Tournament (3-day event)
  • Veterans Day Parade
  • Unity Festival
  • Truist Point Christmas Tree Lighting
  • Carl Chavis YMCA Juneteenth Festival
  • Day in the Park
  • Visit High Point Events
    • Military Appreciation Jeep Rally
    • High Point Arts Festival
    • Oktoberfest
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