Development Ordinance

Development Ordinance

The City of High Point regulates land development within the corporate limits and the extraterritorial jurisdiction (ETJ) through its Development Ordinance. The Development Ordinance consolidates the City's zoning, development, environmental and subdivision standards into one unified ordinance.

By selecting Development Ordinance, you are connected directly to Municode, which publishes the City's Code of Ordinances and the Development Ordinance. From there, you have access to the Development Ordinance and any recent amendments. In addition, the previous Development Ordinance is available on that site.


Development Guide

The Development Guide, as referenced in the Development Ordinance, is designed to supplement and assist in the use of the Development Ordinance. is a Web-based repository that functions as the Development Guide. Information pertaining to applications, procedures, specifications, policies and practices are contained within the Website.


Zoning Map

To find the zoning district for a specific property, you can use the Point to search by address and a table with that information is provided. To change the zoning you will need to submit an application and follow the process for a Zoning Map Amendment.



A determination is a written administrative decision made by the Planning & Development Director concerning (1) the meaning of the Development Ordinance text, (2) the boundaries of a zoning district on the Zoning Map, (3) whether a specific land use is allowed in a zoning district, or (4) compliance with a condition of approval. A current list of written determinations is published on the Determination Webpage.