Development Guidebook

This guidebook is being furnished by the City of High Point to provide applicants with information on the development standards and practices of the City, as well as guidance in the development review process. It is intended to provide initial information prior to development applications being made to the City. The information contained in this manual covers various subjects of common inquiry and is not intended to replace any ordinance, regulation, standard, plan or official policy of the City. Therefore, although this guidebook provides useful information, it is not the only source of information and should not be the only reference used in preparing a development proposal. Ordinances, regulations and standards must be consulted in order to accurately and completely prepare development proposals. Contained herein are standards and practices of the City on water, sewer, streets, environment, electric, landscaping, and building and site construction. Where the standards and practices are part of ordinances, regulations or other documentation, the references are provided for further inquiry.

This guide also contains a brief outline of the development review and permitting processes of the City, as well as various documents, application forms, checklists, map standards, fee schedules, references, and contact information. It is designed to provide applicants with information early in the development process. The City is dedicated to quickly and easily providing clear and concise information. However, applicants also have a responsibility to research property history, including zoning, conditional use permits, special use permits, variances, environmental issues, easements and other matters prior to any engineering, plan development, or application to the City. Applicants should also meet with City staff as early as possible to discuss potential development plans before any engineering or site planning is done.

Please note that this guidebook is in the process of being updated with plans to complete the process in 2024. Periodic review and updates are crucial to ensure that it remains a useful and relevant resource.

Introduction & Process

Standards & Practices




Environmental Factors



Building & Site Construction

Sureties & Improvement Guarantees 


References (Appendix A)

Contacts (Appendix B)

Fee Schedule

Development Plan Standards - Checklists (Appendix E)

Design Review Checklist

Exclusion Map Checklist

Final Plat Checklist

Preliminary Plan Checklist

Right-of-Way Encroachment Checklist

Site and Group Development Plan Checklist

Street and Utility Plan and Profile Checklist

Certifications & Notes (Appendix F)

Applications (Appendix G)

Illustrations & Details (Appendix H)

Statement of Required Improvements (Appendix I)

Owners Association Required Elements (Appendix J)

Miscellaneous Policies (Appendix K)

Infrastructure Inspection Policy