Existing Commercial Building Evaluation

Many of the existing buildings located with the City of High Point may be ideal to house new and expanding businesses. Development regulations and building code requirements are designed to make the tenant space or building safe for you, your employees and customers. To provide the transition into an existing building easier, the City offers an existing commercial building evaluation service.

Building Evaluation
Prior to leasing or purchasing a tenant space or existing commercial building, call to schedule a building evaluation with the Planning and Development Department staff. In most cases, this will lead to a site investigation of the building or tenant space. This process will provide you direction towards compliance with City development regulations and North Carolina Building Code requirements, including Rehabilitation Code standards.

Based upon the scope of your proposal and the results of the investigation, we will provide you guidance concerning the types of zoning approvals, construction permits, and required inspections that will be needed. This information will assist you when you determine the overall time and expense that will be needed to open or expand your business.

If you determine your project is feasible, we will guide you in obtaining the required approvals, permits and inspections.

Requesting an Evaluation
We ask that you have a sketch floor plan showing the existing floor layout along with the proposed improvements or a draft written scope of work providing some details of the proposed use of space.

Scheduling an Evaluation
Contact the Planning and Development Department at 336-883-3328 and indicate that you would like to schedule an existing building evaluation.

There is no charge for the service.